Basic Facts Graph

December 15, 2010 by

This is my basic facts graph.

Picture 7

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C02 Story

November 25, 2010 by

Hi, I’m a fantastic racing car. 3 weeks ago I was a boring block of wood. I was living happily in a box with all my cousins. Then I got picked up by a big arm and got handed to a smelly little kid. This kid picked me up and grabbed some tools. “oh no” I thought. The kid started sawing at me with a huge filer thing and drilling holes in me like the dentist. They made me into a funny shape then sanded me down. I was really smooth. The kid put me down and started to sand down some pieces of wood instead of me. It sanded them really small. Then it got a hot glue gun and squirted the burning glue onto me like hot rocks. Then it stuck the pieces of wood on me to make a super cool spoiler!! Then it started to
paint me black and green!! I looked sooo cool with my new paint job!!! Then they took me outside and put me on a tarpaulin and sprayed some transparent sticky stuff on me and it felt so gross. But when it dried in the sun and I was so shiny and glossy. Then, they gave me some awesome wheels that made me go super fast!!!!

The next day was race day!! I saw heaps of other racing cars lining up at the start line. I saw people load little canisters into them and then with a bang they would be let go and speed to the finish line faster then light!! The canisters were the things that made them go. They had something inside them called C02    gas and when they got a hole put in them, the C02 would come out really fast and make them go fast. I couldn’t wait to have my turn to race even though the race wouldn’t be long. They put us into number groups. I was a 2. They started off with 1’s then 4’s suddenly they called out all 2’s. I freaked out but the kid took me to the start line. I was versing a really fast car with a awesome paint job and mint designs. Then they put this weird line underneath me and slid me underneath a big wooden thing. Then they counted from 5 down to 1 then we went off with a BANG! I went soo fast I could hardly see!!! The other car was in front of me and the kids were screaming and cheering. I zoomed past him and won the race. I won heaps of other races after that too. I was a champion!! The kid that made me was so happy. Race day is over now and thew kid took me home and now I live it its room and lots of other smelly kids like to play with me.

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Face painting

November 22, 2010 by


On Friday we had a spectacular gala day. We raised $719.60 from putting up stalls and activity. Me and two of my friends did face painting we had made lots of designs and did really good like Spider-man, Flowers, Hearts` etc. We had a gigantic crowd around us it was like a rock concert. We had to try our best and work really hard to get everyone’s faces done. From the face-painting stall we raised $32.40 in total. We thought we could had got more money if we did our face painting more faster but we were proud of the effort we made.

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Green House Fundraising

November 11, 2010 by

What: Me, Jazz and Kelly have been making a colouring in competition as a fundraiser for the room 9 greenhouse. Yesterday we finally got them out with the TNB!!  We made a senior picture for the year 4, 5 and 6′s and a junior one for the 0, 1, 2 and 3. The entry fee to enter the competition is $1 and we got our first one back today. We have been working on it for ages, designing the pictures from scratch, sorting our dates and details and getting prizes. The prize for first place is $8, for 2nd it’s 3 packs of mentos and 3rd is 4 erasers.

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P.A.T Resaults

October 26, 2010 by

Last week we did our P.A.T test. Today we marked them. I got 32/41

Click here to see my results.Katie W

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Secret Scientist Story

October 21, 2010 by

This is a story I wrote with Georgia from room 12.

Hidden behind some jars of bubbling liquids, green, purple and blue, was Elmo, working on his latest experiment. He had no idea what to make.

“I wonder what I can make ” thought Elmo. He had been up for hours trying to make something. “Anyway it’s midnight! Bed time for me.”

In the morning Elmo woke and brushed his teeth. he was just about to check his emails when the phone rang.

“Hello,” said Elmo.

“Hi it’s me, Cookie Monster. I have something important to say to you!”

“What, tell me! Tell me!” said Elmo.

“Ok I will but only if you would shut up!” yelled cookie monster.

“Ok,” said Elmo excitedly.

“Well someone has been stealing all of my cookies and I have NO food to eat and I am STARVING!!”

“Thank you” Said Elmo “you have just given me the best idea”!

He Slammed Down The Phone On The Table Stomped And His Foot On The Ground!

He went straight to his science seed got a jar and ingredients then he got to work.

Then the phone rang again “oh CHEESE AND CRACKERS” he said.

“Hi what you want” said Elmo

“Hi it’s me” said Cookie monster

“Hi I am busy at the moment come over at 12:00 please”

“Ok” said cookie monster

Elmo Slammed Down The Phone On The Table Stomped His Foot On The Ground!

He got to work “Finally” Elmo said.

He put a bit of brown food coloring a page of news paper a big blob of chocolate so that it tasted good,

and a smashed kea bord ??ith a pencil into a little container and into the newly invented fridge that he made.

He left it for one week, it looked really thick and gugly, and smelt horrible!

He looked at the time and it was 11:53 Cookie Monster will be here in 7 minutes.

“I better hurry up and get my morning tea” Said Elmo.

Once he had finished his morning tea, there was a knock on the door, and in came Cookie Monster. Hey, Cookie Monster. Can you tell me the story about your cookies, please?” “Sure” said Cookie Monster, “I was walking home from work, and I was really hungry for some cookies. When I got home, the door was open, so I walked inside. There were things all over the floor!! It looked to me that somebody had robbed me and had been searching for something in particular. It was soo mysterious! Then, when I got to my room, to my horror, I found my cookie safe WIDE OPEN and EMPTY!!!!! I ran through the house and fast as I could. I heard a bang and a crash and when a found were it came from, all I saw was an open window. A person was climbing out but all I saw was a flash of yellow feathers. Big Bird’s feathers.” Wow. It sounds pretty serious…but how do you know it was Big Bird?” Said Elmo. “Because is there ANYONE in this town with yellow feathers?!” Elmo knew he was right. “Well. Okay than, I’ll see what I can do.” “Thanks” Said Cookie Monster. And he walked out the door. “Hmmm” thought Elmo, “I wonder what I could do to help…” The next day, Elmo decided to investigate

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October 19, 2010 by

Today we marked our STAR tests. I got stainine 8, but I only got 2 wrong!!!!!! I’m sort of happy with my score, but I only needed to get 1 more and I would have been a 9!!!! I got 10/10 for the first one, 9/10 for the second, 20/20 for third and 9/10 for the 4th.

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Sign News

October 18, 2010 by

This is a video that we made to teach people some sign language.

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Braille Inquiry

October 18, 2010 by

Here is my braille inquiry.

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Coke & Mentos experiment

September 21, 2010 by

Today we did our Coke and Mentos experiment. Most of the classes did the experiment. We used Coke, Fanta, Pepsi, 7Up, Mountain Dew, Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Sprite. Most of the things worked okay, but there were a few really big ones that went really high. Katie  who had pepsi one didn’t really work because my despencer dropped one Mentos into the bottle and it fizzed, but when I put the others in, they didn’t fizz. So we learned that you can only do it once with the same bottle. Laura’s (Fanta) only bubbled out the top (with 10 Mentos). We think the drinks that worked best because they maybe had more Carbon-Dioxide than the others. Also we should have tested our despencers more because lots of peoples Mentos got stuck.

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